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Our newest CD

Our new CD "Wish I Had a"

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We have a new CD out
 called "Wish I Had a" You won't want to miss this CD as it features some really excellent flute & sax by Courtney Hay. There is one 7 minute song called "Moses, Moses" that Courtney Does about 4 minutes of sax that really turns it into a smooth jazz piece. It is now available on www.CDbaby.com http://cdbaby.com/cd/ceceme
You can also buy MP3s at: http://payplay.fm/ceceme
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To hear 4 songs from
"Wish I Had a" go to


You can also hear "Peace to my Soul" from the "As a Child" CD and "A Strool through Heaven" (spelled wrong, it should be "A Stroll Through Heaven") at

"As a Child"

MP3 As a Child - GOSPEL: Contemporary Gospel
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  is now available at CD baby www.CDbaby.com/all/pbforj
or Individual songs may be downloaded from itunes by clicking here.
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As a Child CD
"As a Child" CD back
Article on PBforJ
The song Peace to my Soul will be on this album. It is many peoples favorite & some of the lyrics were quoted in a newspaper article about the 2-way street coffeehouse in the Downers Grove Sun a few years ago
Sound samples from our new CD "As a Child"
1. He Saved my Soul
566 kb 53 sec .wav file
2. Peace to my Soul
577 kb 54 sec .wav file

3. Old Gray Haired Sinner
460 kb m43 sec .wav file

5. Illusion
564 kb 52 sec .wav file

Songs & Samples
from the "All You Ever Meant" CD
Unlike Any Other
51 sec 615 kb .wav file
A Stroll Through Heaven
48 sec 524 kb .wav file
All Like Sheep
48 sec 518 kb .wav file
Unlike Any Other 4:38
    2.13 Mb .MP3 file 

"All You Ever Meant"

( For Me Was Good)

This CD is now available at www.CDbaby.com/all/pbforJ
or Individual songs may be downloaded from itunes by clicking here.
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(P.S. They also have a  radio station that you can listen to)

 My newest and I believe my best CD to date. Just released March 2001. This CD features the back-up Vocals of Bernadette Patrick as well as my vocals, guitar, mandolin, and harmonica playing. I hope you will enjoy it.
1. I'm Not Worthy (4:23)  
2. Unlike Any Other (4:39) 
 3. They Were Free (5:03) 
 4. Joy of Giving (2:30) 
5. Give me Your Burden (3:34) 
 6. Give Praise (4:53) 
7. All Like Sheep (3:32)
8. All You Ever Meant (3:39)
9. Jesus Your the Lover of my Soul (3:52) 
10. Psalm 30 (3:06)
11. A Stroll Through Heaven (2:17)
Total time: 41:35

  All You Ever Meant CD. Click here to buy it at CD Baby.com

Sound samples from No Hope But For Jesus CD
No Hope But For Jesus
35 Sec 380 kb
I Have no Hope But Jesus not so Blue Blues
32 sec 350 kb
The Blessing
41 sec 431 kb
Seek Your Face 
Each Day
37 sec 401 kb
No Hope But For Jesus
CD or Tape
1. Psalm 37(2:37)
2. No Hope But For Jesus (4:09)
3. Seek Your Face Each Day (4:17) 4. Lord I Want To Thank You (3:04)  5. He Makes New the Pieces (6:04)
6. Turn From Your Ways (3:15) 
7. Consider the Wonder (3:46)
8. I Have No Hope But Jesus Not so Blue Blues (3:53)
9. More Than These (2:49)
10. Worship the God That is Real (4:27)
11 The Blessing (2:18)
Total time: 41:15

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