Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
April 14th 2003 was:
Elliot Wimbush
Marie Hawkins
Stanley Radliff & the Voices of Lawndale

Featuring our own Celebrate Jesus Go-Go Dancers,
Leslie & Darlene
Saturday March 15th 2003 was Kid's Coffeehouse
Some of the Bigger Kids went first
Then some of the smaller kids
I am sorry that I didn't get a picture of everyone. I was so busy listening & running sound that sometimes I just forgot to pick up the camera.
Saturday Feb. 15 2003 was:
Comedian, storyteller, & musician
Doug Griffin
Darlene & Kevin of God's worker's
Kevin Dressed for Valentines Day
And Ray of Light


Saturday January 18th
was regulars week
featuring some of the people that most regularly come to
and play at the coffeehouse

Darlene of God's Workers
Darlene is also the host of
Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
To find out a secret about Darlene
Click on her picture
Paul & Bernadette for Jesus
with John Kiefer on percussion
visit our web site at : www.PBforJ.com
Paul is also the author of this web page
Marie Hawkins & Syreeta Williams
visit Marie's web site at:
              Tony Raulowski
        did an acoustic guitar set

Kurt and Leslie Wessman
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