Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
May thru August 2003

Aug 16th was
All Star Jam Night
And I forgot to take pictures Sorry!!

July 26th was:
Darlene's Birthday
Darlene's 29th+ Birthday cake
In Addition to Celebrating Jesus we also celebrated Darlene's  29th+ Birthday. Darlene was over 29 this year! (She was last year too!!!) (and the year before that too!!!) Sorry I didn't think to get a picture before the cake was cut
Ray of Light
Alexandra Georges
Ray of Light &
 Alexandra Georges

Saturday June 21st was:
Darlene the Host of
Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
Willie & Linda of "As Gold"


And "Image"

May17th was:
Darlene & Kevin as usual, Celebrating Jesus, also:
Kurt & Leslie Wessman
John Oakley
PBforJ (Paul & Bernadette for Jesus)
Kurt & Leslie did an excellent show that night. If you are interested in purchasing a CD of that performance please talk to Kurt & Leslie. They are at almost every Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse.
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