Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
Sept. through Nov. 2003

Nov 15th was the
St. John Lutheran Praise team

St. John Lutheran Praise Team
The evening started out doing some of Darlene's Origionals
St. John Lutheran Praise Team
Then continued with the whole group Paising the Lord
Courtney Roberson Teri Funderwhite
Paul Ellingsen
Boy eating cookie
Boys eating cookies
Courtney Roberson & Teri Thunderwhite
both performed solos
Paul Ellingsen
performed a set.

People of all
ages enjoyed the cookies.

October was open mike night

God's Workers
Part of St John Lutheran's Praise Team
Kyle Wiktor
God's Worker's

Part of the St John Lutheran Praise Team with: Darlene Wentland-Wiktor, Jeff Kiel, Courtney Roberson and Tim Najarian
Kyle Wiktor
"Make Your Life  a Song to God"
There was also an excellent blues jam with Guy Montie, Darlene, & Kevin
that I was enloying so much that I forgot to take pictures of.
Paul, Darlene, & Kevin
Kurt & Leslie Wessman
Darlene, Kevin & Paul  performed profusely
Kurt & Leslie Wessman
finished off the evening.

September 2003 was the 4year Anniversary of


Darlene & Leslie with the 4 year anniversary birthday cake
Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse 4 year anniversary birthday cake
Where would the coffeehouse be without Darlene's Delightful smile to start out the evening? And thank you Kevin for patiently providing punctual percussion.
(Try saying that 3 times fast)
Stanley Ratliff & the Voices of Lawndale
Stanley Ratliff & the Voiced of Lawndale Rocked the house that night
Audience: Darlene, Marie, & Leslie
When they get to playing people just can't help but to move

Marie Hawkins
Syreeta Williams
Kurt & Leslie Wessman
Shaunda Ogletree
We were also privileged to have Marie Hawkins (www.MarieHawkinsministries.com), Syreeta Williams, Kurt & Leslie Wessman, and Shaunda Ogletree.
PBforJ (Paul & Bernadette for Jesus) with Darlene on Bass
"Paul & Bernadette for Jesus", with Darlene playing Bodatious Bass, finished off the night.

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