Gospelfest 2002
was held July 13th at the Gazebo in Villa Park IL
This year it will be called the "Praise Jesus Fest"
It will be held Sat. July 24th 2004
God's Workers Darlene & Kevin,
were Rocking for the Rock, Jesus, Saturday
Darlene is also the host of Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse
Visit the Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse Website at www.CelebrateJesus.info

The Handy Band
was there with an excellent message & some funny skits, Including the Star Trek one
Visit their web site: www.handyband.com
PBforJ (Paul and Bernadette for Jesus) were there,
and Bernadette played with her magical flute,
while John Kiefer kept time, & Ken Grossingsr played barefoot Bass
Visit our web site at www.PBforJ.com

Marie Hawkins
was caught trying to bring down the rafters of the Gazebo.
visit Marie's web site at: www.MarieHawkinsministries.com

Thank you to all the people that came out
I don't think they have a web site

His POP Band
did some excellent originals, Saturday
Visit their Website: www.hispopband.addr.com

Elliot Wimbush & Dennis Gorden
as usual, did an superb Job of praising our Lord Jesus,
Visit Elliot's web site at:

Our hard working crew, except for the bum on the left
(We found him wandering around pushing a shopping cart & decided to put him to work.)

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