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We have finally released our newest CD, "Prepare Ye the Way of The Lord,"
Cece and I love to lead worship and led worship at "The Overflowing Cup" Coffeehouse in Beloit WI for 4 years. We did a mixture of old hymns, praise songs from the 80's, some of our original worship songs, and a few newer hymns and praise songs. I like the praise songs from the 80's because there is so much scripture in them. This CD will have 5 of our songs that we sung at Overflowing Cup that were scripture put to music. One of my favorites is "A New Song" from Rev 5:8-14.

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We will be playing at:
Saturday evening Feb 6th 7:30 PM
Ky Opry Talent Search at the Kentucky Opry
88 Chilton Lane Benton Ky 42025 (Actually in Draffenville but their mailing address is Benton)
Adult $16, Seniors $15, Student $10, Child $7.50 plus tax

Sunday morning Feb 14th 9:30 AM
Kentucky Lake Mission Church 5570 Moors Camp Highway Gilbertsville KY 42044

As I mentioned on our 2015 page we took a trip to Israel from Dec 1st to Dec 10th 2015. It was a 15 hour flight flying back from Israel to NY and a 2 hour flight from NY to Chicago. I must have caught something on the flight back because the next night I had a sore throat, then got sicker, and for awhile I couldn't even talk, so we haven't been playing anywhere since we returned. I am writing this 1/24/16 and I finally feel like I might be able to sing again soon. Halluliah!!!!!!!
Paul Ellingsen

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